Musings on Current Affairs in These United States

I think I figured something out about the current leader of the free world, President Donald Trump. Or rather, I think I figured something out about the people who still stand behind him 100%, despite the fact that he’s come through on exactly nothing that he promised.
I don’t think the people who still support him and think he’s doing a great job particularly care about results. He could accomplish nothing in the next four years, get re-elected and accomplish nothing for the entire second term, and the people who are behind him would stay behind him.

This is because he was not elected to enact a set of policies. The people who are still behind him are behind him because liberals hate him. Like honestly, I think that’s 100% of his appeal.

This epiphany came to me when I saw the now famous photo of Kid Rock, Sarah Palin and Ted Nugent standing beneath a photo of Hillary Clinton at the White House. That photo was about rubbing liberals’ faces in dogshit. It served no other function, and attempts to create memes out of it by replacing the Hillary Clinton picture behind them with a photo of a nude Melania Trump will never, ever have the same effect in the minds of Trump’s most fervent supporters. They got a good dig in, and they got it in first, and that’s all that matters. Whatever response liberals tried to come up with were drowned in a sea of Trump-supporter whooping and high-fiving.

I’m feeling more and more that the Donald Trump presidency is predicated on nothing more than causing liberals to despair, and as long as it does that, no one will give a shit that coal jobs aren’t coming back, that the Rust Belt will never again be the seat of the U.S. manufacturing base, that ISIS will not be crushed, etc., etc. None of that stuff was ever the point, and it still isn’t.

Today, most liberals seem to be either re-litigating the Democratic primaries or posting things to social media that calmly and methodically demonstrate that President Trump’s claims are completely false. Both of these efforts will do exactly nothing to address this presidency, much less cause the shot across the bow that so many liberals are hoping for.

This is because the Trump presidency is about venting and legitimizing his supporters’ emotions. So if you oppose him, don’t take heart when he does nothing that he promised, as if he’s going to be held to those things. The fact that he pisses off liberals is 100% of his appeal to his supporters, and as long as that’s the case, he doesn’t have to accomplish anything. He’s already there.


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  1. Sandy Price · April 26, 2017

    It’s a theory, and who knows what theory is the right theory? But based on a number of conversations with those who still solidly support him, they support him because they basically blame his inability to get anything done on Congress and Democrats, and believe that he will figure out how to overcome and achieve his campaign promises. If you think about the way Congress obstructed Obama at every turn, that’s what they think is happening to Trump.


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